October Neighborhood Meeting to be held at the Duce

2017 October 9
by Lyle Plocher

Our Monthly Central Park Neighborhood Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 11th, at the Duce, located at Central Ave & Lincoln.  The meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  Representatives from Valley Metro will be at the Meeting, doing a Presentation about the South Central Light Rail Extension.

Hope you can make it!

A snapshot of our neighborhood

2017 September 4
by Lyle Plocher

Just updated our About page here on the site, be sure and check it out if you’re interested in learning more about the Central Park neighborhood.

Primera Iglesia Church


Bentley Projects building

Bungalow under renovation








South Central Light Rail Extension – Meet and Great

2017 August 27
by Lyle Plocher

The public is invited to join the City of Phoenix and Valley Metro for a Meet and Great, providing the opportunity to meet the Designer, Contractor and Artists chosen for the South Central Light Rail Extension – September 7th, 2017.

Details here

Artists chosen for South Central Light Rail Stations

2017 August 27
by Lyle Plocher

The Valley Metro Board of Directors approved the contracts for Artists selected by Stakeholder Committees to provide the Public Art for the Light Rail Stations along the South Central Extension.

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Light Rail Update on South Central extension

2017 July 30

Last week, Stakeholders near S. Central Ave just south of the Phoenix Warehouse District, met with officials from Valley Metro to start the selection process for the Artists who will be chosen to do the Public Art at the Light Rail Stations on the new extension.  Narrowing the choice from more than 100 artists for the first 3 stations south of Downtown, the Stakeholders made their choices.  Three artists were selected, one for the north bound station at Central Ave & Lincoln, one for the south bound station at 1st Ave and Lincoln and one for the station at Central & Buckeye.  The next step in the process will be for the stakeholders to meet with the chosen Artists to start getting specific about what they would like to see at the stations.

One benefit to living in Central Park

2017 July 30

One of the benefits to living in Central Park is the walkability aspect of the neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is the closest residential area to CityScape, one of the many attractions these days in Downtown Phoenix.  On Saturday, the focus at CityScape was on families with small children as there were free water slide type amusements.  Looked like everyone was having a good time and the event didn’t take a big chunk out of the parent’s wallets.

What a difference a few cactus make

2017 July 5

Today while walking the alleys of Central Park to take pics of illegally dumped bulky items, I came across a pleasant little stretch of alleyway where the resident on one side of the alley had planted several cacti.  Doing something like this is a great way to discourage illegal dumping.  Most humans appreciate nice things and they will dump in the ugly spots instead.  Just thought I would share.


CityScape is only a short walk from Central Park

2017 June 16



Took a walk this morning through a swath of Downtown Phoenix and stopped for a few moments at the green space/water feature area of CityScape.  Things were pretty quiet, but when events like City Nights Movie Lights happen the place is buzzing.

Latest peek at Bungalow renovation across from the Park

2017 June 13

Just drove by this bungalow today and noticed the very cool front door. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Check out WTF

2017 June 12
by Lyle Plocher

Next time you’re on the south side of Downtown Phoenix, aka SoDo, check out the WTF Express restaurant.  Located at 1024 E Buckeye Rd, the operation is run by the most friendly folks and because of the variety of foods under one roof, you and your companion(s) don’t have to eat the same type of food.  I just experienced their Gyro Sandwich with lamb and beef and I was very happy with it.  If you like Mediterranean, they also have great Hummus.

Contrary to your first impression, WTF in this case stands for “Where’s the Food?”.  I think I saw that on their website.

Learn more about WTF Here