V100 Mod Box is coming to Central Park

2010 September 22

What is a V100 Mod Box you ask?  It is a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ cube made with green materials, state of the art appliances, and stylish fixtures.  It’s a new kind of low-maintenance structure that can be built anywhere in the world and lives comfortably despite the fact that its footprint is so tiny.   The V100 Mod Box requires no nails, no screws, and no paint.  It could be the next generation of prefab and it’s completely revolutionary.

Vine’ Saccento, calls the V100 Mod Box, which is his creation, “Gucci cubes”, as each pre-furnished dwelling comes with a Fagor refrigerator, Duravit sinks, toilet and shower, an induction cooktop, Tempur-Pedic sofabed, flat screen TV and walnut cabinets.

As you can see from the photos, construction has begun and soon you will see a community of 3 Mod Box dwellings on the 700 block of S. 2nd St, right here in the Central Park neighborhood.

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