Current day neighborhood

The Central Park neighborhood of Downtown Phoenix is a small residential neighborhood that lies right on the edge of the Downtown Phoenix Warehouse District.  It is roughly bounded by Grant St. on the north, Buckeye Rd on the south, Central Ave. on the west and 4th St. on the East.  It is just a few short blocks from Talking Stick Resort Arena and Chase Field.  The most notable landmark in the neighborhood is the Bentley Projects building, which is home to a world class Art Gallery and provides rental space for events such as weddings, business meetings and so on. Right in the center of the neighborhood is our very own park, which just happens to be called Central Park.  The neighborhood is fairly quiet except for the planes flying overhead.  There is a growing group of friendly people, gravitating to the neighborhood.  Maybe you will be one of those people!

History of Central Park

It has been challenging to find much local documentation about the history of the Central Park neighborhood. A few of the things we do know, is that the park itself was one of four of the original parks in Phoenix, the area was referred to as Salinas Park before it was known as Central Park and at one point in time, there were as many as 7 convenience stores/markets in the neighborhood.

Primera Iglesia Church

Bentley Projects building

There are at least 2 buildings in the neighborhood that are on the National Historic Register, the Primera Iglesia Church building at 1st St and Grant and the building at 1001 S Central Ave, which is currently functioning as a Boxing Gym (the building appears to have been one of the neighborhood convenience stores/markets. Actually, a 3rd building that is within our neighborhood boundaries that has Historic Designation is the Bentley Projects Gallery and Event Space, which at one point in time was home to a large Laundry operation. The approximately 20,000 sq ft warehouse has been beautifully renovated.

Bungalow under renovation

Virtually all of the buildings in Central Park, were constructed after the devastating 1891 Salt River Flood, which inundated most of Downtown Phoenix, south of Jefferson. It is believed that many of the Central Park area residents from the 1920’s through the 1950’s or ? may have worked in the various warehouses in the nearby Warehouse District.