Eat at The Dressing Room

2017 February 7
by Lyle Plocher

A very cool restaurant has recently opened on Roosevelt just west of 3rd St.  The Dressing Room, which calls itself a Micro Restaurant, serves up what they call global street food.  It’s a very pleasant place with outdoor dining and the food is definitely good!

Check out the menu


New Times guide to February First Friday in Downtown Phoenix

2017 February 1

The First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Phoenix is an amazing event that has been happening for many years.  The event has grown so large, you almost have to alternate parts of the Downtown area to focus your Friday night on.  There is a Free Shuttle service that operates to take participants around, but it’s still way too much to take in on one night.  New Times has produced a guide for the February 2017 First Friday Event highlighting some of the more interesting art on display.

New Times Guide

Phoenix Public Market to celebrate 12th Anniversary

2017 February 1
by Lyle Plocher

Wow!  Can you believe the Downtown Phoenix Public Market has been in operation now for 12 years?  If you have never visited the Public Market on a Saturday, this coming Saturday, February 4th, would be a great time to check it out.   The open air market features fresh locally grown veggies, a wide variety of vendors and Food trucks.

Get all the details here

Jeremy Thomas inflated steel Exhibit at the Bentley Projects Gallery

2017 January 21
by Lyle Plocher

An ongoing dialogue between material, form, and the artist’s hand reverberates within each hollow form. To create his works, Thomas employs a process that is better known among blacksmiths than artists. Beginning with flat sheets of steel he cuts out shapes that are geometric iterations of circles and bends them so they can be welded together to create large hollow forms.

The Exhibit can be seen until February 11th.

South Central Light Rail extension receives key Federal approval

2017 January 21

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has granted a significant environmental approval for the planned South Central Light Rail Extension that moves the project closer to being built. The approval allows Valley Metro and the City of Phoenix to proceed with final design work on the extension, a milestone necessary for the project to be completed by 2023.

Read Valley Metro News Release


Searching for ancient artifacts – the Prelude to Fry’s downtown

2017 January 8

Sometime in late 2018, Downtown Phoenix may see it’s first real Grocery store, a 55,000 sq ft Fry’s store.  Before construction can begin however, archeologists have been commissioned to deal with pre-historic Hohokam pit houses located at the site.  There is also apparently a bomb shelter at the location which was constructed under a JC Penney store that once stood at the site.  The archeological work has apparently just gotten underway as evidenced by the photo below.

Once the Fry’s store arrives, residents of the Central Park neighborhood will have just a very short walk to a beautiful urban, full service Grocery Store.

Central Park – Home to the very first Mod Box community

2017 January 7
by Lyle Plocher

A few years back, Vincenz Saccento designed a very cool living space called the V-100 Mod Box.  The V-100 is a futuristic looking dwelling that has tremendous appeal to single households with minimalist sentiments.  The very first Mod Box project was done right here in the Central Park neighborhood.  The Mod Box is better explained by watching a video than describing it in a Blog Post so check out the Video.


Get some chicken and waffles

2017 January 3
by Lyle Plocher

Did you know that Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles is just a few blocks from the Central Park neighborhood?  Yes, that’s right, just south of Buckeye, you will find the wildly popular establishment.

Hear Larry White talk about the history of his family serving up great food in Central Phoenix.

New pilot program launched to improve Downtown Phoenix alleys

2016 November 29
by Lyle Plocher

Phoenix is opening its downtown alleys to additions like public art, seating and restaurant service under a pilot program launched this month to enliven the spaces….

The vision is to transform passageways used for dumpsters and deliveries into places passers-by can “linger, relax and socialize,” according to the alley activation program policy approved by a City Council subcommittee.

Amenities could range from murals or potted plants to temporary fencing and a spot to grab coffee.

Phoenix will consider proposals for its public alleys located from McDowell Road to Sherman Street and Buckeye Road, between Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue. Applicants fund the improvements and have to pay a fee for larger renovations.

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Recent news about the South Central Light Rail Extension

2016 November 29
by Lyle Plocher

“This is another step on our accelerated timeline to build the South Central Extension by 2023 – 11 years earlier than initial plans,” said Vice Mayor Kate Gallego. “Our initial 20-mile Light Rail line has fueled more than $8.2 billion in economic activity along the route, and we’re now closer to bringing these economic benefits to areas from the Warehouse District to the Baseline Road Corridor.”

See complete news release on City Council District 8 News page.